About Our Bread

All our bread is 100% real bread, as defined by the Real Bread Campaign; that is, it is made only from organic flour, water, salt, with or without added yeast, slowly-fermented to allow for full flavour and nutrition.

We make mainly genuine sourdough, and yeasted bread to order. All bread contains yeast, but genuine sourdough is made only with the yeast that is naturally present in the grain.

Beware of the ‘pseudough’ often sold in supermarkets – industrially-made yeasted bread with sourdough flavouring.

Many people who find that industrially-made bread disagrees with them discover that they can eat our bread without any problem. This is because our slow process allows time for lactic acid bacteria to develop and act on the gluten and wheat to partially digest them. It may also be because industrial bread can contain many additives; some of these, if claimed as ‘processing aids’, don’t have to be declared to the consumer.