10 reasons to buy Real Bread from Companions

And one for luck!

1) Real Bread (as defined by the Real Bread Campaign) is made with flour, water, salt, yeast only and none of the many unnecessary – and sometimes dubious – additives that are added to the industrial loaf.

2) Real Bread is more filling and more sustaining than the industrial loaf, and it keeps well, so it can last you longer – although it might not if you can’t resist it!

3) Real Bread is an honest product; you know exactly what it contains, whereas additives deemed to be processing aids by an industrial baker aren’t required to be disclosed to the consumer.

4) Real Bread is made with a long fermentation (ours takes at least 24 hours to make) which allows for the natural development of full flavour. (The industrial Chorleywood Bread Process speeds fermentation up to about 45-50 minutes.)

5) Real Bread has a lower glycaemic index than the industrial loaf; it is less likely to trigger either the obesity or the diabetic response.

6) The long fermentation process gives time for the gluten to be broken down – which means gluten intolerant people can usually eat real bread without any problem.