About Our Social Purpose

Buying our bread supports ex-offenders who are trying to resettle effectively into our local community and not reoffend. They come to us either recently released from our local prison or referred to us by another local agency.

We offer work experience and training so they can develop generic work skills and gain or develop specific skills in bakery production, customer service and sales and marketing. We also offer active listening to boost confidence and self-esteem, signposting to other agencies to deal with specific issues, and the sort of practical help and advice that is readily shared amongst friends.

Our work stands to benefit the whole of our local community. We hope to improve health and wellbeing through the provision of nutritious and delicious real bread; to help reduce the financial and psychological costs of reoffending, by reducing the barriers to employment and social isolation faced by ex-offenders; and to help build a more confident and resilient community through breaking down societal divisions.