Companions Bread Subscription Scheme

Our bread is delivered to pickup points using our electric van.

What is the Companions Real Bread Subscription Scheme?

We really want as many people as possible to be able to buy our bread. So for customers who do not find it easy or convenient to access our retail outlets, we have introduced a subscription scheme that means that our fresh bread is delivered to a convenient Pick-up Point.

Our Pick-up Points are positioned outside the centre of Bedford and in the outlying towns and villages. We are actively expanding these so keep an eye out on our website for one near you.

To have your bread delivered to a Pick-up Point you will need to join our subscription scheme. This works in much the same way as if you were ordering a subscription from anywhere else – except of course we are a social enterprise and you will be supporting a really good cause.

After registering for the subscription scheme you set up a regular weekly order that will be delivered to your chosen Pick-up Point. There is no need to worry about making cash payments as you will be invoiced at the end of each month for the bread you have received and payment will be made by direct debit.

How does the Subscription Scheme work?

When you join the Subscription Scheme you send us a your address, mobile number and preferred Pickup Point and we will send an email for you to set up your direct debit and payment details. We charge a one-off administration charge of £2 against the cost of setting up your subscription.

When you set up your monthly payment, you will choose the items that you will want to receive on your weekly order. This choice will be repeated each week until you choose a different set of items, or add items as required.

Companions will send you a monthly invoice for your orders which will trigger payment automatically using the GoCardless system.

If you are going on holiday, no problem, just let us know what weeks you wish to pause your subscription. It will then restart as normal once you return. We will invoice only for what you have received that month.

You can also choose to have one of our ‘specials’ included in your order. The specials change on a weekly basis and so you will always have something new to look forward to in your delivery. Keep an eye on Facebook where we will post our weekly specials.

You can cancel your subscription and stop receiving orders, However, should you later wish to re-subscribe we will unfortunately have to charge another £2 administration fee.

Want to join? What to do next

  1. Go to our joining up page.
  2. When we have your details we will send you an invoice for £2 as payment for joining the subscription scheme. You will also be prompted to set up a direct debit agreement via GoCardless. Once this has been done then your weekly order will be set up and you will start receiving orders the following week.
  3. We will then invoice you at the end of the month for bread delivered in that month
  4. The money will automatically be taken a few days after you receive the invoice
  5. If you wan to modify or pause your order you can do here.


The sourdough process takes 48 hours. To make sure that your order is up to date and that we can schedule it into the bakery we ask our subscription customers to alter their orders no later than Friday of the week before the order is due. Of course, if you have no changes to make then you need do nothing as your weekly order will be repeated automatically.