Referring To Us

We take referrals of ex-offenders from any local agency – or people may self-refer by completing our volunteer application form. (See under Volunteering With Us.)

If you wish to discuss the suitability of a client to volunteer with us, or to arrange a visit with a client to find out whether they’d be interested in an opportunity to volunteer, please contact our Support Worker, Nigel on 07487 309536.

In general terms, ex-offender volunteers need to be ‘ready’ to work with us. This doesn’t mean work-ready, but means:

  • they are serious about wanting to move towards a more positive lifestyle
  • that any addictions are under control to the extent that the individual can turn up for work clean of alcohol or any illicit substances
  • that they are in stable accommodation (this might be a hostel)
  • that they don’t present any risk to others in the bakery (which might include vulnerable adults from time to time).

Please complete our Referral Form after reading our Referral Guidelines.

We will ask all those referred to also complete our Volunteer Application form and supply one other reference  – but this can all be done after our initial meeting with them.