Volunteering With Us

As a Community Interest Company we are reliant on our willing volunteers (who may or may not be ex-offenders) as we work towards becoming commercially self-sustaining.  We try to work as a well-functioning community, listening actively to support one another, and being honest with and about ourselves, believing that in this way we all have the best chance of moving forward to a more positive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Volunteering is a two-way process, from which both parties stand to benefit.

The company benefits from the volunteer’s freely-given work, and the volunteer benefits from the opportunity to:

  • gain new skills or practise and develop old ones,
  • demonstrate their work ethic, reliability etc and earn a work reference for potential future employers,
  • reduce their social isolation and boredom, and to make new friends
  • boost confidence and self-esteem by making a contribution to society.

We are happy to provide work references once somebody has been volunteering with us reliably for a period of time.

Some people choose to volunteer on a regular basis for a number of hours on one or more days a week. Others are happy to help us out on a more ad hoc basis – maybe even just being ready to be called on for extra help when we are short.

Volunteering roles include:

  • helping with the bakery production schedule (making breads, sandwiches, pizza, croissants, crispbreads, biscuits)
  • serving customers at our stalls and events
  • washing-up and cleaning
  • delivering bread orders (on foot, in your car, or on our delivery cycle)
  • leafletting
  • business development (sales and marketing)
  • networking for us at events

Some people like to help in a particular way; some prefer to get stuck in with whatever is going on. All this will be discussed with you if you apply.

We have a robust recruitment process as we sometimes have vulnerable adults working with us.

  1. Please complete our Volunteer application form
  2. You will be invited to meet with our Director of Operations, most likely along with another member of staff
  3. We will take up two references (one professional)
  4. We may ask for DBS clearance (dependent on the role you wish to take)
  5. You will undergo a formal induction

Things will not necessarily happen strictly in that order!

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please feel free to call Nigel on 07742 755543 for an informal chat before filling out the Volunteer application form. We need to be mindful of the needs of our whole community and in particular of local ex-offenders in need of support, as well as the balance of work to help available when considering applications, so we may not be able to accept every application at the time that it is made.